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NIGHTADMIN[AD]: What about registration?   Also there's no rank 1 it starts from rank 2   Right so I have set the nukes to 500 to end the round.. 2 days and they start to drop off the counter.. look forward to a new round soon
KittenCommander[Dev]: Spying should be fixed now. Let me know if any additional issues are found.   .   Also I advise all users to go to 'Command Center' -> 'Change Email or Password' and change your password. I have finished setting up better security on the backend for password handling. Just make sure you don't forget what you change it to - password recovery is nonexistant.
Pika[AD]: Why does kingy still say zero pop? Haha
NIGHTADMIN[AD]: I wouldn't even bank myself that so why should I bank you it?
havoc[LaCN]: Nightadmin why don't you bank me 30 bill?
NIGHTADMIN[AD]: Ffs just had to clone now!!! Reaper enjoy 0 pop
havoc[LaCN]: I should nuke you for being a crap commander. My 9 citizens and kings 2 citizens are starving. and you still tax us
Reaper[LaCN]: What happened to the farmbots pop? Did someone nuke them lol
havoc[LaCN]: LOL LOL
Kingy012[LaCN]: Who made my pop zero   Fuk u guys I like some little guys running around my ciry   Dont make it zero leave me at least with one dude   He needs to find a chick to repopulate
havoc[LaCN]: Lol
KittenCommander[Dev]: Lmao. Kingy you having 0 population causes divide by zero errors.
Kingy012[LaCN]: Pika let's be friends
havoc[LaCN]: Wtf why
Manoluk[FF]: Ohh -- I never nuke PiKa
havoc[LaCN]: Cheers
Manoluk[FF]: - Oil well - Laters
havoc[LaCN]: I'm happy for you to nuke pika   I can't take a loan with my 9 pop. Sucks balls
Manoluk[FF]: Yeahhh -- I coulda ended the round back then -- before the doomsday clock reset -- was in the nuke build-up stage -- I generally buy nukes from on hand cash only -- too late for that now
havoc[LaCN]: Oh right. But you got 100 nukes haha
Manoluk[FF]: Nope -- Wasnt me -- tho I did do a series regular attacks
havoc[LaCN]: Didn't you nuke me a week ago or am I wrong?
Manoluk[FF]: Yeahh -- someone went a little wild with the nukes -- I havent sent off a single nuke yet
havoc[LaCN]: Lolz
Manoluk[FF]: Heheh
havoc[LaCN]: I will. I'm a god damn ninja.   Wtf happened to my pop I got 9 measly citiZens lol
Pika[AD]: Go for it.. watch me all you like. I don't care haha
Manoluk[FF]: Hopefully we'll be able to spy by then
havoc[LaCN]: Very suspicious. I will keep a close eye on your account next round
Pika[AD]: Took advantage of the loan/interest rate system.. the same way that manoluk has got billions in the bank like me   And NightAdmin has. Stop trying to look for something that isn't there. If you can't play the game properly and understand the dynamics further than shit talking, striking and nuking, that is not my fault
havoc[LaCN]: Pika how did you have so much cash banked from the start. Very suspicious
KittenCommander[Dev]: Foreclosure will roll back a multiplier of how much you owed from bank, cash on hand, clone upgrades, other upgrades etc. It is instantaneous and if you have insufficient resources to pay it off then I think it takes everything you have and then drops the rest into the void.   It doesn't persist and the loan which caused it will be under the hidden loans section
Kingy012[LaCN]: Maybe u can explain why your pop so low
NIGHTADMIN[AD]: Maybe kitten can explain better
havoc[LaCN]: Lol
Kingy012[LaCN]: But there is no way to pay it off cause its gone
NIGHTADMIN[AD]: No as there still 13325% to be paid I'm sure it will keep taking your income
Kingy012[LaCN]: I'll nuke u
havoc[LaCN]: Can I nuke myself
Kingy012[LaCN]: So once the foreclosure is done then that's done right   It doesnt keep downgrading shut?   Shit
havoc[LaCN]: Lol wow
NIGHTADMIN[AD]: Yea that's your foreclosure       Your 13335% tied up in loans
Kingy012[LaCN]: Ja jy def and my clone actually just noticed now
NIGHTADMIN[AD]: Has any thing downgraded? Atk or def upgrades? Unit production etc?
Kingy012[LaCN]: Did it happen to me? I had a loan and see now it's gone but just not sure if that's cause of the upgrade u guys did
NIGHTADMIN[AD]: Remaining balance x4 and comes off everything and anything you upgraded bought blah blah.. pretty much downgraded   At 22.45 via time I will have 114** pop give or take
havoc[LaCN]: Night where's your pop dude   I'm going to start counting night and pikas pop something fishy going on
Kingy012[LaCN]: So can u explain what happens if u default on loan
Kingy012[LaCN]: I guess to the same place