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niteshade[FF]: Love the show! I started playing the game a few days ago
Vamp[FF]: I watch Game of Thrones... =)
niteshade[FF]: Any of you play game of thrones?
Tadesse[FF]: i was thinking of travelling to Oregon to see the totality. In Vancouver we got like 89% or something like that, which was still good to see   They let us take a free break at work to see the eclipse
NightFury: If the game improves il be back but I'm out again
Pika: 33c?! Nah, I wouldn't manage in that heat.. I struggle at 20c haha   Any of you guys watch the Mayweather/McGreggor fight last night/this morning?!
Vamp[FF]: Totality! 100% 2 minutes, 36 seconds worth! roughly 33C
Pika: Was it a proper black out though?! 90f?! Sounds hot.. What's that in c?!
Vamp[FF]: Pika - Was great, always too short, but still, great. Only bad thing, was standing in the 90F+ degree heat for a few hours too many.
Pika: Was the eclipse decent vamp?! Sometimes they are a let down...
Vamp[FF]: Happy Total Eclipse Day, well, if you live somewhere in North America! Total Eclipse here!
NightFury: Oh wow n   Big deal.. your still shit   Holy shit!! What happened.. mano and nite just got demolished hehe   Shit happens vamp.. good effort tho
Vamp[FF]: Total Units Killed(Nukes) 64,751 Units. (Ranked 1) <--- ;)
NightFury: Nope just got bored nuking nite and mano   It seems vamp has disappeared.. oh no wait he's 33rd
Vamp[FF]: Soo scared he had to nuke me. #winning
niteshade[FF]: Lmao
NightFury: Ohhh I'm so scared   Oh dear the nukes seemed to have slipped out of their cage and caused mayhem.. Sorry nite and mano for your loss.. I'm sure I will destroy you again
Vamp[FF]: And Mano still has more men than you & has nukes, lol
NightFury: Oh dear the repercutions of vamps nukes bounced and hit mano what a shame!!
Vamp[FF]: oh man, NightFury, your mens, they went *POOF*
Pika: Aww.. that's cute! I miss you too vampy baby! :D
Vamp[FF]: oh Pika, where'd all your mens go?
NightFury: Fanny!!
Vamp[FF]: Don't let the door hit yah...
NightFury: Fuming!! Went from 420 unit production to 80!!! Wtf!!!!!   Ditch this shit games a pile of shit I'm out
niteshade[FF]: Happy 4th everyone!
Tadesse[FF]: Happy belated vamp!!!
NightFury: Kitten sup!! Msg bro
kittencommander[TLEA]: Happy birthday Vamp!
niteshade[FF]: Happy Birthday Vampy! :-)
Tadesse[FF]: Astro empires... Co leading one of the top guilds in that game.
Typhoon: so what are all the cool kids playing these days?
NightFury: I think what the problem is that you have not been around for so long problems kept arising and we all got bored!
Tadesse[FF]: I have more multis on AE than there are active accounts here lol
niteshade[FF]: Sorry kc.a couple of us are still around but a couple people dont make for much of a game   Alliance requests sent
kittencommander[TLEA]: :(
Tadesse[FF]: Join my AE guild   lol i think this game is dead.
kittencommander[TLEA]: hey everybody - hope everyone is doing well!   any issues or anything that anyone wants/needs fixed? Anything I can do to help anyone have more fun?
Tadesse[FF]: Eyyy how's South Africa doing?   Yay we have like 5 clans zerging against mine on Astro Empires
niteshade[FF]: Lol
WickedObsession: when i want cookies i will take them
niteshade[FF]: So...what??? You wanna cookie?
WickedObsession: i always get what i fcking want
niteshade[FF]: Well good for you
WickedObsession: i got what i wanted anyways
WickedObsession: i dont need to justify or introduce myself   just give me what i ask
niteshade[FF]: Lol. You own...then shouldnt we know you???? Lmao
WickedObsession: if you know me i dont need manners   always remember i own this game
Pika: You too Nite! Travel safely if you are travelling and merry Christmas to one and all also! :)